Protect Your Investment with a Roar Leather Premium Gun Slip

Roar Leather premium gun slip showcasing quality craftsmanship, reinforced spines, and action patches for ultimate shotgun protection.

Let’s talk… Protection When you’ve invested thousands, or possibly even tens of thousands, in a high-quality shotgun, ensuring you safeguard that investment effectively is crucial.  A gun slip should be far more than just a carry case. Its primary function, when designed correctly, is to provide unmatched protection for your valuables. What is Roar Leather? […]

Custom Gun Stock Making

A fine-finshed shotgun lying on a Roar Leather bag with a stunning wallnut custom gun stock.

Let’s talk Custom Gun Stocks… I’m getting a lot of messages asking about the process and ‘who I would recommend to carry out the work’. Firstly, let me address the second half of that question. Simply put, I would look no further than Midlands Gun Services in Shrewsbury, UK. What is a Gun Stock? The […]