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Let’s talk shooting glasses…

I’ve had numerous conversations with clients regarding their glasses. Let’s be honest, for those for whom money is no object, they’ll continue to buy Pilla’s. Pilla are market leaders in the shooting industry and rightfully so. They are unsurpassed. The issue is that 3 lenses with a couple of sets of arms will set you back at least £815.
With continuing costs rising, this is a stretch too far for many, so it got me looking more seriously into alternatives of late. I’m very pleased to say I’ve found what I consider to be by far the best ‘bang for your buck’ available in clay shooting glasses. X Sight represents superb value for money considering its quality and performance. In contrast, the X Sight 2RX, 3-lens interchangeable kit with a couple of sets of arms will only cost £205! The Fulcrum single lens fixed frame kit is only £69…
What’s even better is I will have a full range of demo lenses with me at the shooting ground for you to ‘try before you buy’ (by appointment only), Please contact me to arrange.