Custom Gun Stock Making

A fine-finshed shotgun lying on a Roar Leather bag with a stunning wallnut custom gun stock.

Let’s talk Custom Gun Stocks…

What is a Gun Stock?

The gun stock (or sometimes just stock) is the back part of the gun that supports the barrel, action and firing mechanism while resting against the shooter’s body to allow greater control. While factory stocks have certainly come a long way, providing different options and styles to suit each person’s preference, nothing comes close to a gun stock that’s custom-made for your style, stance, measurements and more.

How Are Custom Gun Stocks Made?

During the consultation, Roberto, the stockmaker, who also holds great pedigree having worked for the top names in Italian gun making, will assess factors such as length of pull, pitch, drop at comb, drop at heel, cast on or off, palm swell and grip radius/form. These elements influence how the shotgun fits and handles for the individual shooter. Their combined skill set delivers a swift and professional service, always to the highest of standards.

Next, they will take detailed measurements and the process begins as they start work creating your stock. The stock will be shaped from your chosen wood blank.

Once this first stage is completed, there will often be slightly more material left than required.

Fine Tuning Your Custom Gun Stock

You will then be required to visit MGS on a second occasion to ‘fine-tune’ your stock. Micro-fractions of material are removed here and there as required to ensure a perfect fit, perfect grip radius, ideal palm swell, accurate pitch etc.

During this visit you will also be able to test fire your gun, patterned on their onsite indoor pattern facility. Not only is the point of impact (POI) checked, but also observed and perceived recoil. Again, any micro adjustments can be made until totally satisfied.

Once the stock is shaped and fitted to MGS and your satisfaction, an English Oil finish is applied to the stock offering a protective coating with high lustre. Finally, the stock will be installed on your shotgun, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure proper fit and function.

How Long Does it Take for MGS to Make a Custom Gun Stock?

Your third and final visit will be for the collection of your MGS stock – usually around 6 weeks after your initial consultation. Always a very exciting day!

Why Have a Custom Gun Stock?

Having a custom shotgun stock made can greatly improve your shooting experience, providing a comfortable, ergonomic fit that enhances accuracy and control making your shotgun truly one-of-a-kind.

Time for your own Custom Gun Stock?

If you’re looking to have your own custom gun stock made, be sure to check out Midlands Gun Services for more information! I am always available to accompany any clients on their visits to Midlands Gun Services.


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