What To Wear For A Day’s Pheasant Shooting

Four game hunters in boots and coats standing in the Staffordshire woodland, ready for their Pheasant Shooting experience.

Preparing for your first pheasant shooting experience? Knowing exactly what to wear can be difficult and understanding shooting etiquette can be challenging. BW Shooting is here to guide you on what you’ll need and what to expect.

The UK’s pheasant shooting season spans the autumn and winter months of October to February, exposing shooters to diverse weather conditions that will impact attire choices. To make the most out of your day, layering to keep cool or warm, dry and comfortable is paramount.

Shooting expert and pro-CPSA coach Brent Woodard is here with his top tips, making sure you’re adequately sophisticated and well-prepared for your first game shooting day!

Pheasant Shooting Dress Codes

When it comes to pheasant shooting there’s always a specific dress code to follow, with different shoots often having variations based on formality and weather.

To get it right, it’s always recommended that you first check the dress code with the host, asking what shoes and headwear are suitable for the occasion. However, if you stick to natural green and brown colours, you’ll rarely ever go wrong.

Weather Check

Stay ahead of the game by regularly checking the weather forecast in the lead-up to your shooting day. Comfort is key, so ensure you’re adequately dressed for warmth and dryness.

Layering should be your main strategy, ensuring you’re ready to adapt to changing conditions and remain comfortable throughout your shoot.

What You’ll Need for Your Pheasant Shooting Experience

Ear Defenders

Protecting your hearing with ear defenders is essential on any shoot – whether you’re game hunting or having a day on the clays.

There are a variety of choices on the market to suit your preference and budget, from disposable foam ear plugs and basic over-ear defenders to electronic headsets and bespoke digital headphones.

Your priorities should be comfort and defenders that allow for a smooth gun mount without getting in the way.

Classic Shooting & Hunting Cap

The classic tweed flat cap is a versatile accessory that complements your overall attire while providing practicality and charm.

Not only will it match your aesthetic, but will also keep your head warm throughout the winter months and protect your eyes from a low sun’s glare.

Shooting Jackets

A reliable jacket is a cornerstone of game shooting attire, and you should opt for warmth and resilience to keep you comfortable and dry during winter shoots. A waterproof layer is also incredibly advantageous.

Your jacket should offer a wide range of mobility for smooth gun swings and ample cartridge pockets for easy access.

Breeks or Trousers

For formal shoots, opt for tweed breeks or trousers that complement your ensemble (often shades of pale or neutral green and brown). Alternatively, plain moleskin or cotton breeks offer a more relaxed option for casual shoots.


While brighter colours are sometimes acceptable depending on the etiquette of your host group, traditional pheasant shooting attire calls for a more earth-coloured attire like the aforementioned neutral/pale greens and browns in a callback to tradition, along with respect for nature and camouflage.


A tweed waistcoat offers a stylish alternative to a full jacket on warmer days while providing handy cartridge pockets. For a formal shoot, a three-piece tweed suit is recommended with matching breeks and a jacket.


While ties are largely optional, there’s no doubt they add a touch of formality to your ensemble. On a formal shoot a matching tie, however, is an undoubtful necessity.

Socks and Garters

When opting for breeks instead of trousers, you can complete your ensemble by investing in a pair of shooting socks. To prevent them from slipping, they can be complemented with garters.

Sturdy Footwear

You’ll likely encounter various terrains throughout your day pheasant shooting, so a robust pair of walking boots designed for comfort and grip are recommended. Alternatively, particularly on damp days or if rain is forecast, wellingtons will provide a waterproof option.

Cartridge Bag

A wide variety of cartridge bags are available on the market, each catering to individual preferences and requirements. Ranging in style, size, and material, conducting a bit of research ensures you acquire the perfect cartridge bag to suit your needs.

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